I thought you might like to see the process that we go through from time to time in the basil growing process. We have to replant our basil every so often to be sure we are harvesting the highest quality basil possible.

The old basil plants and growing substrate are removed from the benches.

Then the benches are scrubbed clean and sterilized.

After the cleaning process, new substrate is added to the benches.

The water and nutrient supply is turned back on and once the substrate is saturated the new basil is planted.

Here are some seedlings just peeking through.

Basil grows fairly quickly in our greenhouses.

In a short amount of time, we are ready to start harvesting off of our new crop of beautiful Basil.
Here is Judith doing a ‘first cutting’ off of this particular planting.

We are able to harvest in such a way that the plant keeps growing and we can cut from it multiple times. By growing our plants in cycles we ensure that we have healthy plants to harvest from at all times.

Thank you to our Greenhouse Crew for all the hard work!