Where to Buy

Midwest Leader in the Herb Industry

Since our beginning, Mariposa Farms has shipped millions of herb packages to stores across Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Colorado, North and South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

If you would be interested in offering Mariposa Farms fresh herb or dried products, send us information on the specific products you are interested in offering. We would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss any arrangements that need to be made, and we look forward to starting a business relationship with your company.

If you would like more immediate information, call the Mariposa Farms direct telephone number at (641) 236-5740 or send us an email.

Where can I buy Mariposa Farms fresh herb products?

If you would like the name of a grocery store or outlet in your state that sells Mariposa Farms products, send us your name, e-mail address and the state you live in. Please send a valid email address.