Mariposa Farms would like to thank Kelly for her dedication over the past two years. Kelly participates in programs through Genesis Development in Grinnell, Iowa. Genesis Development is a not-for-profit organization that helps people with disabilities become active in the community through various means. Genesis sets goals for their clients, and then helps them reach those goals. Mariposa Farms supports Genesis Development by providing internships and employment to members when possible. Kelly is the first employee that Mariposa Farms hired through Genesis Development. Since then, two others have been hired through this program.

Kelly began working at Mariposa Farms in June of 2015, She began learning various jobs with the help of a Mariposa employee and a Job Coach from Genesis Development. She caught on quickly, and was offered a permanent position and began working with minimal supervision. Kelly has learned how to make, and label, all our shipping boxes, wrap ice for shipping, as well as restocking shipping supplies. She has also helped pack our dried products occasionally. These may sound like easy things to do, but there’s so much to remember. Kelly has it mastered! She does an excellent job completing the tasks at hand, and is always ready to help with anything she can.

When Kelly first started working at Mariposa Farms, she was very excited. When asked what her favorite thing was to do at work, Kelly said that she liked packing the dried products best. She said she has learned that she can do more things on her own since becoming part of the Mariposa Team.

Kelly has met goals in her program and is now leaving Mariposa Farms to move on to a more independent lifestyle. She said she will miss all her the friends she’s made while working at Mariposa Farms. We will miss her too!

We wish her all the best in her future adventures!

Dave and Denise Conkling (owners) and Kelly
Kelly with her usual smile, making one of our shipping boxes.
Kelly (in red) with some of her coworkers.