A Guide to Cooking with *Dehydrated Mushrooms

*Mushrooms - Store in a cool, dark place. Mushrooms will keep 6 to 12 months. The life of the product can be extended by freezing.

*Basic preparation involves washing mushrooms then adding directly to recipes if mushrooms will be cooked for at least 20 minutes, or soak in hot water for 20 minutes. Drain before using. For added flavor, soak mushrooms in wine or chicken broth for 1 to 2 hours.

Black Trumpet - A great delicacy, this trumpet shaped mushroom is incredibly buttery and rich.

Boletes - These mushrooms can be found under conifers and hardwoods, this is what gives them their woodsy flavor. Use them in any recipe calling for wild mushrooms.

Chanterelles - Chanterelles grow in temperate woodland areas. They have funnel shaped caps that usually range from pale yellow to orange but can also be white, grey, brown or black. Chanterelles are noted for their fruity aroma and mild flavor.

Lobster Mushrooms - with their bright red color, it is no wonder they are called lobsters. This mushroom feeds off of other mushrooms like a parasite. This gives the lobster a variety of different flavors.

Morel - Morels have a wonderful woodsy flavor that's delicious with beef, game, wild rice or tofu. To serve as a side dish, saute with leeks or onions. Use morels in light cream sauces, risotto's, stews and soups.

Northwoods Blend - Includes Shiitake, Morel, Porcini, Oyster, Bolete, Lobster and Sliced Shiitake. Northwoods Blend was developed for the gourmet cook to use a combination of great mushrooms in one recipe. Northwoods Blend also gives the new user a chance to sample many different kinds of mushrooms at one time.

Oyster - Popular in many Asian inspired dishes, with a firm texture and mild flavor. Also very good in cream soups, sauces and stews.

Paddy Straw - These mushrooms are grown in south Asia and can not be bought fresh anywhere but there. They have a mild flavor, which makes them ideal for vegetable and tofu recipes.

Porcini - Delicious in soups, sauces, stuffings and stews. Dried porcini can be substituted for any mushroom in any recipe. Smaller amounts of dried porcini can be used in recipes because of the intense flavor of the porcini.

Portabella - A huge mushroom with thick ivory skin. This is a very versatile mushroom with a mild woodsy flavor.

Shiitake - These mushrooms can be prepared in many ways. Try them breaded & fried, in Oriental soups or in stuffed vegetables. Add them to your next stir fry. The flavor is light and delicate.

Stir Fry Blend - Shiitake, Woodear, Button, Cloud Ear and Oyster mushrooms make up this delightful mix of mushrooms. They are wonderful to have on hand for any recipe, but go especially well in stir fry.

Woodear - This mushroom has a crunchy texture and a mild flavor. Woodear is very popular and is often served in Oriental soups. Woodear are often called for in pork recipes and are good with most meats.

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